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For FEM analysis the AddMatrix method is very useful. In opposite to SetMatrix this method summarize elements.

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  • Gregor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You can now get the submatrix e..g

    mySubMatrix= myMatrix.Submatrix(2,3,2,5) // = myMAtrix(2:5,2:7)

    and with that submatrix you can get a sum of all the columns, by mutliplication with a 1 by n vector.:
    e.g. to sum all elements of myMatrix

    var v = new DenseVector(myMatrix.ColumnCount,1);
    var w = new DenseVector(myMatrix.RowCount, 1);

    SumMatrix= w * myMatrix * v ; //1 by 1 matrix , which is a sum of all elements.
    //can do the same for the mySubMatrix

    I hope that answers the question, not sure what else 'FEM' analysis requires..More info needed.

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